Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dreamer by John Debney

Dreamer by John DebneyOne of Hollywood's most versatile and prolific composers, John Debney, releases his latest work for DREAMER.

Debney capitalizes on the story of a young girl and her desire to see her long-shot horse race again. DREAMER's score ranges from the pastoral to the invigorating and while it isn't hard to hear the influence of Danny Elfman's BLACK BEAUTY, a nod to a plethora of James Horner, Thomas Newman or Rachel Portman scores, and, of course, Aaron Copland, Debney keeps the score just fresh enough to warrant the listeners full attention.

While the movie could turn out to be a retread of a horse-story we've seen countless times, the score keeps ahead of most by a full length or two. At the time of this review, only the 7 track promo was available. The full soundtrack will have some 24 tracks. Be that as it may, the 7 tracks provided are more than enough to know that at least Debney's score for DREAMER will outpace the overhyped SEABISCUIT and is likely a worthy buy.

Tracksounds Rating: 6/10
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