Saturday, October 29, 2005

Medal of Honor: European Assault by Christopher Lennertz

Medal of Honor: European Assault by Christopher Lennertz The legacy of MEDAL OF HONOR game music is now well established thanks to the efforts of composer Michael Giacchino. After Giacchino's departing from the Medal of Honor game series, composer Christopher Lennertz stepped in and took the reigns - his first project being MEDAL OF HONOR: RISING SUN. While there was some trepidation regarding whether or not the feature-film-level of score would be carried on by Lennertz, he quickly laid such fears to rest with the release of the promotional album for RISING SUN.

Christopher Lennertz's second installment in the series is MEDAL OF HONOR: EUROPEAN ASSAULT (formerly entitled DOGS OF WAR) and thanks to the phenomenon of iTunes, fans can now obtain, not only the score for EUROPEAN ASSAULT but for almost the entire series of Medal of Honor games released!

MEDAL OF HONOR: EUROPEAN ASSAULT is another wonderfully powerful, musical sweep through WWII era yet is hardly a mere derivative of the previous Medal of Honor scores. This score does receive its own main theme (Track 1 - Dogs of War), distinct yet familiar. The famous Medal of Honor theme written by Giacchino does make several appearances throughout the score as well. Notable tracks include the somber "Casualties of War," the brass-laden "Redball Express," and the climactic "One Man Can Make a Difference."

While only 33 minutes in length, the soundtrack is definately worth the download and price. While brief, Lennertz serves up another strong dose of compelling action music and inspirational themes. Fans of the previous Medal of Honor soundtracks will find this a must-have!

Tracksounds Rating: 9/10
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