Friday, November 11, 2005

Peter Jackson's KING KONG: THE GAME by Chance Thomas

For those of you looking for a little KING KONG media, you should check out the press release below as a few tracks from PETER JACKSON'S KING KONG: THE GAME soundtrack by CHANCE THOMAS has been released. From the sample tracks, it looks as though this will be another decent game score - featuring a wider-than-average range of style: from the tender Anne's Theme to the Bill Brown-esque The T-Rex Cometh!

Press Release has unveiled its worldwide premier of original music from Ubisoft's upcoming game, Peter Jackson's KING KONG. Fans eager to experience the score can freely download up to sixteen minutes of themes and action music, including four full-length tracks from this link: (Click Here)

The wholly original orchestral score for Kong was created by multiple award-winning composer CHANCE THOMAS, the musical force behind VU Games' Lord of the Rings™ series (Lord of the Rings Online, War of the Ring, The Hobbit, etc.) and composer for Columbia Pictures' Oscar™ winning short film, The ChubbChubbs!™.

Chance worked closely with Kong's Creative Director Michel Ancel and other key players to deliver 120 minutes of soaring themes, thundering tribal rhythms, romance, heroism, tragedy, unsettling tension and rousing action. The result is "perfect", according to Ancel who said, "Though we worked on separate continents, Chance was living with us on Skull Island. He has used his talents to create the perfect music for immersing the players in the dramatic story of Kong."

Producer Xavier Poix said, "I love the themes! This is amazing music. Video game creation is about talent and hard work. Chance gave us everything it takes." The live orchestral score was performed by the Northwest Sinfonia and Seattle Chorale, recorded and mixed at Studio X in Seattle, Washington. Thomas, who produced one of the first ever live orchestral scores for a game, Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire, conducted the orchestra and produced the sessions.
Peter Jackson's King Kong is scheduled for release on all game platforms by Ubisoft in November 2005.