Monday, March 13, 2006

Milan Records to release STONED with music from David Arnold

Stoned Original Soundtrack with music from David Arnold from

Featuring exclusive tracks by A Band of Bees, music by The Counterfeit Stones, Jefferson Airplane, The Small Faces, Haley Glennie Smith, and a mesmerizing score by David Arnold.

"We were beginning to sense that more and more people were getting sick of traditional jazz and they were looking around for something different" Brian Jones, 1962

Burbank, CA - March 14, 2006: Milan Records is proud to release the exciting soundtrack to the future cult film, Stoned. Stephen Woolley's film tells the story of the roller coaster life of Brian Jones, the original Rolling Stone who passed away in very shady circumstances - magnificently interpreted by Leo Gregory. Stoned is not a bio flick about The Rolling Stones, but an original and twisted testimony of the genius of one of the 20th century's most amazing musicians, and an investigation into the mysterious death of this legendary guitarist. This is a tale of sex, drugs and Rock & Roll. Stoned does not throw any punches in its investigation of the death of Brian Jones, but rather reflects on his hectic relationship with the band members, his manager, and his paramour, Anita Pallenberg.

The soundtrack to Stoned is a musical achievement. It is not a compilation of Rolling Stones' songs, but a well-conceived album that on one hand reflects the musical mood of an era, and on the other hand is a tribute to the sound of Brian Jones. The album starts strongly with an amazing cover of Little Red Rooster by The Counterfeit Stones. The album's highlights are four songs by A Band of Bees, one of the most successful British rock bands of last year. From the homage to the Stones in Stop Breaking Down with its Blues-influenced riffs and rhythms to the soulful and mellow Time is on my Side, A Band of Bees has genuinely recaptured the various dimensions of 60's music: rock and roll, ballad, psychedelic rock, glamour rock.... It's all there in the Stoned soundtrack, which also features White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, Lazy Sunday by The Small Faces, Love in Vain by Haley Glennie-Smith, and many others. Stoned is an eclectic album ranging from rock to pop, from blues to psychedelic. This is a musical journey through an era as multidimensional as its icon, Brian Jones.

The album also features a beautiful score by composer David Arnold that underpins and enhances the dramatic flow of the film. David Arnold's superb compositions and arrangements provide a portal for a modern audience to look back to a world that no longer exists. He created a score both sinister and melodic to mirror and contrast the narrative and character development. Stephen Woolley is the acclaimed producer of films such as Breakfast On Pluto, The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire, The End of the Affair... Stoned is his debut as a director. As music is Stephen's first passion, he decided to direct this film on his own and give his unique and passionate perspective on a man who was a musical genius, a visionary, a fashion icon and a complex character whose demons overwhelmed his dedication to his art. The bittersweet and provocative tone of the film is not a glorification of 60's glamour, but a nostalgic look into the sacrificed existence of a man who could have graced the world with outstanding music and formed the super-group he was dreaming to put together with John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.


Little Red Rooster - The Counterfeit Stones
Stop Breaking Down - A Band of Bees
Lazy Sunday - The Small Faces
White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
Paper Sun - Traffic
Devil in Me - 22-20s
Love in Vain - Haley Glennie-Smith
Brian's Joint - David Arnold
Ballad of a Thin Man - Kula Shaker
Out of Control - David Arnold
Come on in my Kitchen - Haley Glennie-Smith
The Last Time - A Band of Bees
Pool Fight - David Arnold
Love in Vain - Paul Butler and Little Barrie
Angel / Devil - David Arnold
Not Fade Away - A Band of Bees
Time is on my Side - A Band of Bees
Stop Breakin' Down Blues - Robert Johnson

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