Sunday, June 04, 2006

Film Music fansites dying out on the Net?

Recently, I decided to clean up and clean out my links page. Having received several requests that I just haven't had time to add I decided to, not only add them, but see how many dead links I had accumulated over the years (yes...the page has been sorely neglected).

What I found was that there have been a lot more film music sites bite the dust (especially of the review nature) than have come on board in the last few years.

Here are all those that I removed (perhaps it will bring back some old memories for some of you):

Review Sites

BoFilms - a French review site
Film Score Central
Film Score Magic
Film Music on the Web (UK)
Score Central
The Score Sheet
Score Obsession
Soundtrack Station

Composer Sites

Marco Beltrami Unofficial Site
Chris Boardman
Aaron Collins
James Horner Fan Page (this was one of the first sites I ever visited on the net!)
Ioannis Kourtis
Media Ventures (also one of the first I ever visited)
Aritz Villodas
Hans Zimmer.Info

Streaming Music Sites

Soundtrack Cinema
The Score

(If your site is listed above and is not truly gone the way of the dodo, please let me know about it!)

While I seriously need to redesign the entire page...I had had enough, so I quit after updating the content. After going through this process, I had to wonder to myself, "Is film music fandom on the internet dying out...or are people just content post on message boards or post blog entries, rather than build an entire website?"

What say you? I've even opened up this post for comments! Don't make me regret it! Just click on the "# comments" below.

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