Saturday, June 03, 2006

SUPERMAN RETURNS First Listen at Soundtrack.Net

Superman Returns by John OttmanSUPERMAN RETURNS Original Soundtrack by John Ottman from Amazon.comOne of the most anticipated scores of 2006 has been SUPERMAN RETURNS by composer JOHN OTTMAN.

Much ado has been made over how much of JOHN WILLIAMS' memorable score from film series of the 70's would make its way back into director Bryan Singer's lastest SUPERMAN installment.

It was revealed, some time ago, that Williams' main theme would definately be employed by Ottman, but you can find out what other musical elements have made it back into the fold over at! Get your latest update for Quicktime and then go have a listen of excerpts from every track on Rhino Records upcoming release.

The general buzz over the clips seems to be positive; however, John Ottman has the uneviable task of following one of "the maestro's" most recognizable and beloved scores. It sounds like some of Ottman's best to date, but upon "first listen" I'm not convinced the score will meet the expectations of those, like myself, who loved and listened to SUPERMAN I and II for some 30 years. that I'm feeling quite elderly...go judge for yourself . . . or

SUPERMAN RETURNS Original Soundtrack by John Ottman from