Monday, July 31, 2006

The King of all Kongs - Special Triple Review

The King of all Kongs - Special Triple ReviewJust posted...

Here is a special review-treat for all of you kong-alongs out there. Tracksounds is proud to present Steve Townsley's insightful retrospective on the three, best known-scores for KING KONG: Max Steiner's original 1933 score, JOHN BARRY's 1976 effort, and JAMES NEWTON HOWARD's most recent rendition.


A Skull Island Retrospective
Written by Steve Townsley

Without a doubt, KING KONG is one of the most iconic figures in film history. The evolutionary anomaly created by Meriam Cooper and Edgar Wallace has inspired hundreds of re-creations in various media, not the least of which are the high-profile, big budget films that attempt to capture the spirit and the wonder of the original. True, that any recreation must be made with some acknowledgement of RKO Pictures’ 1933 film, though throughout the years, the attempt is made to improve the product, often with varying degrees of success. For many viewers there is no true improvement upon what many consider to be the premiere adventure/fantasy/monster movie, however, that has not kept pioneering filmmakers from taking the opportunity to depict Kong for a new generation. In each version to grace the silver screen, a unique and original score was provided to enhance the filmmakers’ individual interpretations of Kong’s majesty.

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