Sunday, August 27, 2006

Globus releases premiere album, Epicon

Epicon by GlobusTaking what might be called the next official step in music is GLOBUS' new release, EPICON.

Fans of the immensely popular E.S. POSTHUMUS and their release UNEARTHED, will find a lot to like on GLOBUS' first release. Check their official press release below...


Immediate Music, the leader in one of Hollywood’s biggest industries - creators and suppliers of movie ‘trailer’ music - have launched their first commercial album in the UK on 7 August 2006.

Composer and producer Yoav Goren has brought a diverse mix of musicians, vocalists and writers to create the album “EPICON”, under the commercial band name of GLOBUS. The resulting musicfeatures the rousing, propulsive style usually only heard in the cinema, but fused with contemporary and world music rhythms and styles. The CD is first being released exclusively in the UK, while online the album has attained a top 20 slot on the iTunes pop chart. Within 4 weeks, the band’s myspace page has attracted over 50,000 plays.

Ever since director John Boorman had the brilliant idea to track Carl Orff’s rousing ‘O Fortuna’ piece from ‘Carmen Burana’ into his 1981 film ‘Excalibur’, the sound of movie trailer music has never been the same. “Back-end music”, as it’s often called, follows a formula that any moviegoer will instantly recognise: a eclectic mix of orchestral music underscores an often dizzying array of moods steadily building to an overpowering sonic explosion that stirs audiences into a near-euphoric state of anticipatory frenzy.

Yoav Goren, co-founder of Los Angeles-based Immediate Music, has supplied ‘trailer’ scores for ‘Spiderman 2’, ‘X-Men III’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘War of the Worlds’, ‘Lord of the Rings’ and this summer’s UK blockbuster ‘Stormbreaker’ (starring Ewan McGregor and Mickey Rourke) amongst many others. Goren says “Every time we’re involved with a new trailer, we are inundated by movie fans wanting to know how to get their hands on our trailer music CDs. There is definitely a pentup demand out there to own this music which until now has been unavailable commercially.”

On 26 July, GLOBUS performed their debut album “EPICON” live at the Wembley Conference Centre. The band included Mark Richardson from UK rock band FEEDER, Nick Nesmith from MANIC STREET PREACHERS and film soundtrack vocal artist Lisbeth Scott. The lineup on stage also featured a 60 piece orchestra and a 50 member choir. The concert was recorded for a subsequent TV special and DVD release.

Check out GLOBUS' Myspace page here.

Also, look for a full Tracksounds review of GLOBUS' premiere release, EPICOSN, in the near future!

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