Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kingdom of Heaven by Harry Gregson Williams

Kingdom of Heaven (Soundtrack) by Harry Gregson WilliamsGregson-Williams’ Hidden “Kingdom”Review
by Steve Townsley

In the early summer of 2005, the truth is that most moviegoers (myself included) were chomping at the bit for galaxies far, far away and cities of sin than to have an overwhelming response to Ridley Scott’s medieval/middle-east epic, “Kingdom of Heaven”. Sure, we’d had our fill of Orlando Bloom swinging swords, and huge scale battle sequences—“Lord of the Rings” saw to that. Sure, having reached a saturation point with news of the day, most of us felt that we didn’t need to go sit through a history lesson about war in Israel. Though when the summer craziness died down, and the realm of DVD got around to presenting the film, perhaps more than a few viewers realized that this one got under their cinematic radar.

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