Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Wild (Soundtrack) by Alan Silvestri

The Wild (Soundtrack) by Alan SilvestriWild 'N Out!
Review by Christopher Coleman

With well over 50 scores through the 1990s, composer Alan Silvestri was one of the busiest of Hollywood composers. Within those "glory years" of film music, Silvestri delivered some of the decades best film music in: FORREST GUMP, CONTACT, BACK TO THE FUTURE III, JUDGE DREAD, and CASTAWAY. Comparatively speaking, his production has slowed down to a crawl since 2001, with his most popular score in that time frame arguably being THE MUMMY RETURNS. Surely, the family vineyard and "family" itself has taken a priority in the prolific and talented composers life.

Keeping with the theme of "family," Alan Silvestri's only feature film project of 2006 is Walt Disney Pictures' THE WILD. This rated-G, 3-D animated film (not of Pixar's doing) features a story that is oddly similar to Dreamworks' miserable MADAGASCAR. Why anyone would want to make a film that resembled MADAGASCAR in any way shape or form is a true mystery beyond pondering...and most critics and moviegoers seemed to agree.

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