Friday, August 25, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 (Beta) - Part 2

Part II - Test Track!:
Microsoft's Windows Media Player 11

Well after using WMP 11 beta for a few more days....ok more like a week and a has still yet to crash on me...even once.

System Resources

Now, when it comes to this, I generally make a big deal. WMP has never been the best when it comes to how much memory it uses up. MusicMatch has generally done a better job at keeping it light and lean as has WinAmp. Of course, the more features we get...the more memory these puppies use up.

Now Windows Media Player 11b uses its fair share. On average, it uses about 17 mb of RAM when just playing a saved playlist and showing the now playing list, and library entries (see screenie). It you switch to Now Playing mode...with a visualization turned on...yes...the memory usage takes a nice jump. For me, using the Windows Media Player 10 visualization (see screenie from part I), it jumps up to 26 mb of memory usage. And the larger you make the player...the more memory it uses up - not surprisingly.

Impressions 2 weeks in? For a beta? Doggone good. I've ripped a few more CDs to my library...all at 192kb and it does so a just a hair-slower-rate than my old MusicMatch. I'll talk more about the ripping experience and library management in Part 3.

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