Saturday, September 16, 2006

Danny Elfman on radio, Wed., 9/27

Composer DANNY ELFMAN to be interviewed on SEPTEMBER 27, 2006 on WNYC in New York.

He will speak with host John Schaefer about his new live concert album, Serenada Schizophrana, which is his first orchestral composition written specifically for a concert hall, while also discussing his other current projects and future plans.

WNYC is the affiliate of National Public Radio that serves New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut. It is America’s most listened to public radio station. The show has featured world-famous musicians such as Norah Jones, Lou Reed, David Byrne, and Franz Ferdinand.

The show airs every day at 2:00 PM on 93.9 FM or at 3:00 PM on XM satellite radio.

You can also tune in live online at

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