Wednesday, September 06, 2006

James Horner's CBS Evening News Theme

Another member of Hollywood's composing elite is scoring for the small screen.

If the hype surrounding Katie Couric's takeover of the CBS Evening News isn't enough to get you to tune in, perhaps James Horner's new theme for the broadcast will. The Wall Street Journal has posted an intriguing article on the creation of the very Horner-esque fanfare, which aimed to capture the feel of golden wheatfields over Roman legions. You can also listen to each network's respective theme, and vote for your favorite.

It's an interesting read. Look for a little nugget of irony in the form of a phone conversation between Mr. Horner and a certain John Williams...

CLICK HERE to read the WSJ article.


  1. Doesn't sound "Horner-like" at all in my opinion. More James Newton Howard-ish.

    Still, I like it...and with Horner's work for ALL THE KING'S MEN, looks like he's got some fresh stuff!

    BTW - there's a new poll pitting HORNER VERSUS WILLIAMS and their new TV themes here:

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  3. Now that you mention it, it does remind me of Newton Howard's score for Wyatt Earp. Still, it sounds like Horner to me...reminds me of The Four Feathers and some of his other epic fanfares.

  4. Yeah, definitely sounds Hornerish to me. I prefer Williams' new Sunday Night Football theme.


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