Sunday, November 19, 2006

Epicon by Globus review

Epicon by GlobusA Musicmorphisis
Review by Christopher Coleman

We live in a strange era of music - an era that continues to blend more and more genres of music together eventually resulting in entirely new ones. A prime example of this ongoing "musicmorphosis" is the album EPICON by an eclectic group of composers and musicians called, GLOBUS.
For over 15 years, the group's founder, Yorav Goren, under the covering of the company he co-founded, Immediate Music, has written music for movie trailers. Goren and company have added their evocative sounds to some of the most downloaded trailers on the internet such as: Spiderman 2, X-Men III, The Da Vinci Code, War of the Worlds, and The Lord of the Rings.
To answer the ever-increasing public demand for their work, Globus was born and their first project EPICON is based on selections from their trailer-music portfolio. Now, this is no simple copy and paste job. Many of the selections offered on their premiere CD have been re-arranged and re-orchestrated - adding rock band elements and vocals. The listener would be remiss to expect EPICON to simply be another UNEARTHED - the mega-popular album released by the duo, E.S. Posthumus, in 2001. While there are a number of similarities between the two, EPICON, as proclaimed by Yorav Goren, takes film-like music to a new place - something he calls, "cinematic rock." And indeed, by the conclusion of the CD, "cinematic rock" is proven to be an accurate description.

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