Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Feet by John Powell and various

Happy Feet by John Powell and various artistsGot the Hearsong...but where's the Heartscore?
Review by Christopher Coleman

Yet another entry into what has to be a record year for full-length 3-D animated films is Warner Brothers' HAPPY FEET. As is the tradition with more animated feature films than not, HAPPY FEET is highly dependent on its music. In HAPPY FEET, poor emperor penguin, Mumble Happyfeet, can't sing, and hence can't find and display his own "heartsong." Instead, young Mumbles shows that he's got another talent - the boy can dance. Mumbles' object of affection, Gloria, just happens to be one of the best singers of the penguin colony. Becoming an outcast, Mumbles is set on adventure of self-discovery that is set to both a contemporary soundtrack as well as the diverse talents of veteran composer John Powell.

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