Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best Trailer Music: 2006 Cue Award

Most Unobtrusive Song on a Score AlbumAh trailer music. The goal is to cram as much emotion into 30 seconds to a minute's worth of screen-time. This effort causes trailer producers to match up some truly evocative music cues to images of an upcoming film. When it's done right, the end result is more tickets sold.

2006 saw some inventive uses of previously released film score. Whether it was John Williams' "Krypton" from Superman: The Movie or Hans Zimmer's "Spectres in the Fog" from The Last Samurai, trailer producers musically tagged their trailers effectively, but what trailer/music combo worked best?

This year's nominees were:

World Trade Center trailer - The Life of David Gale
The Da Vinci Code trailer - Constantine
The Painted Veil – The Last Samurai
Superman Returns - “Krypton” from Superman
Miami Vice - “Numb Encore
”Meet the Robinsons – Main theme from Sky Captain


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