Sunday, February 11, 2007

CHASING GHOSTS (Soundtrack) by Scott Glasgow

Chasing Ghosts (Soundtrack) by Scott Glasgow The Unusual Suspects
Review by Christopher Coleman

Over the last couple of years, newcomer-label, MovieScore Media has been behind the release of a number of listen-worthy soundtracks that might not have otherwise seen the light of day. Into MovieScore Media's growing catalog comes CHASING GHOSTS by Scott Glasgow.

CHASING GHOSTS, the film, isn't really a supernatural-thriller as much as it is another cop-with-a-painful-unresolved-past-story. Even if the story is a bit of a rehash a la mishmash, bearing a strong similarity to the work of director David Fincher, CHASING GHOSTS, does offer some visual appeal. While DVD buyers and renters may take a passing look at the film, it might be well worth the film-music-inclined to have a pause when it comes to Scott Glasgow's score for CHASING GHOSTS.


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