Sunday, February 25, 2007

Final Cue Award: Most Memorable Theme of 2006

2006 Cue AwardsAnd the moment you have patiently been waiting for has arrived...

Most Memorable Theme of the Year

Main Theme – X-Men: The Last Stand (John Powell)Dark Phoenix Theme – X-Men: The Last Stand (John Powell)
Charlotte's Theme – Charlotte's Web (Danny Elfman)Main Theme – We are Marshall (Christophe Beck)
Power of the Sun Theme – Superman Returns (John Ottman)
Main Theme – Eragon (Patrick Doyle)
Captain Jack – Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Hans Zimmer)
Neckin' on the Swing – Clerks II (James L. Venable)
Lady in the Water (James Newton Howard)


Just because the last award has been given out, doesn't mean things are over! The After-party kicks in and you're all invited! there's no after-party...but THE BIG WRAP UP is still to come and you are all invited to that. Come and find out who the big winners were, the big-almosts, and the voters personal notes on the awards this year!

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