Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Most Unobtrusive Song on a Score Album: 2006 Cue Award

Most Unobtrusive Song on a Score AlbumAn ill-placed pop song can ruin an otherwise enthralling musical score album. It has happened time and time again. Labels have gotten smarter about seperating the two genres onto two seperate soundtrack releases or at least grouping all of the score tracks and then pop tracks on a single release. At Other times there is just a track or two relegated to the pop genre.

There were no shortage of such combo-soundtracks for 2006, and Tracksounds honors that specific pop track that works the best with its surrounding score tracks.

This year's nominees were:

Keep Holding On (Eragon)
Once in Every Lifetime (Eragon)
Ordinary Miracle (Charlotte’s Web)
Still (Over the Hedge)
Route 66 (Cars)
Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint (The Inside Man)
Cry Me A River
(V for Vendetta)
Baai (Blood Diamond)


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