Tuesday, February 06, 2007

THE PAINTED VEIL by Alexander Desplat

The Painted Veil (Soundtrack) by Alexander DesplatSubtly Satisfying
Review By Christopher Coleman

Slipping under the 2006-Awards-wire, came the Warner Independent film THE PAINTED VEIL. The film being adapted from the 1925 book by W. Somerset Maugham, tells the tale of one Kitty Fane and her journey of self-discovery - a journey which took her from England to Hong Kong and back again. On the way, she learns of the pains of love, of life and of death. Aside from the clear abilities of stars and produdcers Edward Norton and Naomi Watts, the talents of screewriter, Ron Nyswaner, director John Curran, and composer Alexander Desplat combined to deliver one of 2006's finest films. Another fine film mysteriously and totally ignored by The Academy.

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