Sunday, March 18, 2007

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles by Scott Glasgow

Robotech:  The Shadow Chronicles (Soundtrack) by Scott GlasgowSpace Operanime
Review by Christopher Coleman

It could be argued that the original ROBOTECH series of 1985 brought anime fandom in America to a new level and finished opening the door which the likes of SPEED RACER and STARBLAZERS had begun. Since 1985, the beloved series has garnered a huge worldwide following and has invaded the realms of comics, novels, video games, and full-length feature films. After a twenty-year hiatus, Harmony Gold's ROBOTECH franchise is back with its first full-length feature since the 1986, ROBOTECH: THE SHADOW CHRONICLES.

Some have called the ROBOTECH series an animated "space opera" which immediately brings to mind another franchise which took twenty years off between "episodes." Even further connections between ROBOTECH and STAR WARS can be drawn with the release of THE SHADOW CHRONICLES. In addition to the "space opera" moniker and the fact that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) now voices one of Robotech's Commander Taylor, there is another connection worth examiing - that of the selection of composer SCOTT GLASGOW and his leitmotif-score.


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