Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pathfinder: The Legend of the Ghost Warrior By Jonathan Elias

Pathfinder (Soundtrack) by Jonathan EliasJonathan Elias' Pathetique Pathos
By Christopher Coleman

One of the best descriptions of this film that I have heard is that PATHFINDER was simply "part Eragon and part Apocalypto." As odd of a pairing as that might seem, it's, unfortunately accurate. Like the film of Eragon, Pathfinder was an ambition unrealized and like Apocalypto it was a bloodfest. Apt as that description might be for the film as a whole, it, thankfully, doesn't fit Jonathan Elias' score. Actually, the music for PATHFINDER is likely just what you might expect. Brooding, pulsing, occasionally tumultuous - are all things that might spring to mind. While PATHFINDER contains all of the above, there is a surprising amount of thematic music. The end result is a better-than-expected soundtrack presentation.


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