Monday, July 16, 2007


Opus Ed
(originally posted 7/16/2007)

In the schlog of Summer and the tyranny of the box office...I have come across a number of entertaining pieces of film music that bear mentioning. Forget about the fact that there is no score release of SPIDERMAN 3 or TRANSFORMERS (yet). There's plenty of stuff out there waiting to be discovered. Here are a couple scores that I'm getting a lot of mileage out of in recent weeks.

THE SNOW WALKER by Mychael Danna - this is a gem of a little film with a gem of a score. Not many have seen the film and even less have taken notice of its score. Thankfully, Mychael Danna has released it on iTunes. There are a couple of strong themes and a beautiful blending of Americana a la Michael Kamen and Thomas Newman. It's an intimate and beautiful score...just like the film and both are highly recommended.

RESCUE DAWN by Klaus Badelt - This film has been a long time coming and you can probably hear get a hold of the soundtrack before the movie comes anywhere near a theater in your neck of the woods. A somber, surprisingly engaging score for a film that I can hardly wait to see myself. Word of Christian Bale's performance was inviting enough, but now, having heard Klaus Badelt's heartfelt music, that film will be irresistable.

Who says scores don't sell tickets?

Christopher Coleman

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