Sunday, July 29, 2007

First IRON MAN Footage from Comic Con

If you were wondering, like me, just how well Mr. Robert Downey Jr. would be pull of the famous alter-superhero-ego of Tony Stark...well wonder no more. Here is some YouTube footage from this year's Comic-Con.

If the rest of the film can hold form to what we see here, we just might be in for a treat. Currently, JOHN DEBNEY is linked to the film as composer. With past collaborations with director JON FAVERAU: ELF and ZATHURA, this seems plausible if not more-than-likely. Debney has yet to do a straight-hero score, but has danced around the edges of the genre with projects like: THE SCORPION KING and SPY KIDS among others.

Doubting DEBNEY'S ability to go all epic and heroic? Check out the live performance for his work for the upcoming game LAIR:

Ha! Yes...that's what I thought. That's good stuff. Everything seems to bode well for next year's IRON MAN....although some of the music in the clips above would seem to indicate that there will be a strong "music from and inspired by" component.

In order to get a proper score somewhere in the remote vicinity of the release of the film, someone ought to begin the campaign/petition right now.

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