Monday, July 16, 2007

Ratatouille by Michael Giacchino

Ratatouille (Soundtrack) by Michael Giacchino Michael Giacchino Stirs Things Up!

Director Brad Bird's latest effort, after the surprisingly good IRON GIANT (1999) and then, put simply, Pixar's best feature to date, THE INCREDIBLES (2004), is a charming flick that, for the most part, met my expectations. Decent story, interesting characters, and cutting edge 3-D animation are Pixar's staples and RATATOUILLE delivers on all three fronts. Thankfully, but with much respect, Pixar didn't dip into the Randy-Newman-bag again and instead wisely chose composer MICHAEL GIACCHINO to provide the musical ingredients this time 'round.

How much one appreciates Giacchino's work here will greatly depend on the context in which the score is heard. In terms of the in-film experience, Michael Giacchino's score works perfectly. He once again demonstrates that there is a deep well of talent from which he seems to drawn upon project after project. The composer himself has admitted that RATATOUILLE was one of his biggest challenges to date. The film delivers some interesting ingredients that, if not mixed with the right "yeast" of score, would have ended up...well, flat.

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