Saturday, August 25, 2007

Disturbia (Soundtrack) by Geoff Zanelli

Disturbia (Soundtrack) by Geoff Zanelli Not Exactly Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood
Review by Cap Stewart

Imagine you lived in a quaint-looking suburban community. The neighbor to your left was a voyeur and the neighbor to your right was a serial killer. Both people would be considered creepy, albeit in different ways. The nosey neighbor would be a nuisance, whereas the bloodthirsty neighbor would be, well, more of a mortal threat. The music to DISTURBIA, composed by GEOFF ZANELLI, is sort of like a combination of those two neighbors. At times it’s annoying (which is obviously a bad thing) and at times it oozes homicidal menace (which, in this case, is a good thing).

DISTURBIA tells the story of a teenage voyeur who is convinced that one of his neighbors is a murderer. The basics of the plot are taken from, or at least inspired by, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film, REAR WINDOW, which starred James Stewart and Grace Kelly. Although considered by many to be Hitchcock’s finest effort, REAR WINDOW is one of my least favorite from the esteemed auteur. When I discovered Hollywood was offering a modern retelling of the story, I wasn’t thrilled in the least. You couldn’t—and still can’t—pay me to see DISTURBIA. (I would say, “You couldn’t pay me to listen to the film score either,” but that’s not quite true. I mean, here I am writing a review with a free CD spinning in my computer.)

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