Thursday, August 16, 2007

LAIR by JOHN DEBNEY (Promo Soundtrack)

Lair (Promo Game Soundtrack) by John DebneyWhat Layeth in Wait in Debney's Lair?
Review by Christopher Coleman

What layeth in wait in John Debney's LAIR? Be this a film? A concert? A video game dare?
Surely not such a work as this. A piece that none honest could easily resist.
Musical themes? A film score fan's dreams.
Yes for the gameplay itself,and, of course, the cut-scenes.
Doth today's orchestras blare with such bold fanfare?
Indeed they John Debney's LAIR!

What is a poem doing here you might ask. It's simple. This 5-track promo of composer JOHN DEBNEY's upcoming score for the Playstation 3 video game, LAIR, has inspired this bit of spontaneous poetry. Now any score that can do that might just be worth a listen. But before you on.


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