Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Last Mimzy (Soundtrack) by Howard Shore

The Last Mimzy by Howard Shore Flimsy Mimzy
Review by Christopher Coleman

This family-centric film focuses on two children who come across a special box of toys and are changed (or are able to discover) incredible abilities within themselves. The two become a part of a millenia-old project spanning both the vastness of space and extraterrestial life to a warm and cuddly bunny. Save the the universe.

Having seen and heard, first-hand, the musical magic created for THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Bob Shaye selected composer HOWARD SHORE to provide the score for THE LAST MIMZY. Unfortunately, THE LAST MIMZY is a much more straightforward sort of film that apparently only required a few basic themes and subtle underscore. within the film itself, Shore's music barely registers with the viewer and when it does, it is always one of his two main themes that get the attention.

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