Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Themes of Fall: The Music of Football and Film

I am seriously considering switching from cable to satellite. Why? You must not know what time of year it is. Although ESPN blares hours and hours of football coverage, although there are games on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and sometimes Thursday, I, like so many others, want more. Fantasy Leagues are preparing for their drafts. Gamers are already getting their Madden 2008 on. People are shelling out their hard earned dollars for NFL Ticket on satellite. The national tailgate party has already begun and I want in on this digital- football party that is the NFL Network.

There is something about the game of football. There is the tradition and that "mysterious something" that taps into the soul of a man (or woman) that grabs the heart's attention from the waning days of Summer through to the dawning of Winter. While it is, of course, something within the game of football itself, it has been the unique presentation of the that game that has greatly contributed to our fascination and even obsession with it. The "Ice Bowl" Championship game between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers, Joe Namath's "Guarantee," "The Immaculate Reception," "The Catch," "The Drive" are all apart of that which has become the NFL mythology. Because of NFL Films and even Hollywood, we can quote famous sideline rants of players and coaches. Whenever we say "Lambeau Field" our voice drops two octaves in honor of John Facenda. As we lace up our shoes for the annual Thanksgiving game, we hum famous tunes we don't know the names of. There is something about the game of football and the music attached to it has played no small part in elevating the game beyond the confines of mere sport.

And so with the dawning of a brand new season of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, Tracksounds is proud to present its latest special feature: THE THEMES OF FALL - MUSIC OF FOOTBALL AND FILM. In it we review some of the more recent scores written for football-centric feature films such as THE GRIDIRON GANG and RUDY. Also spotlighted is the music of NFL Films with a full review of the 10-disc compilation AUTUMN THUNDER and interview with current NFL FILMS composer, DAVID ROBIDOUX.

I hope this feature will stir those football-juices which may have gone flat over the last few months, but moreover I hope it will cause an ear to perk up as you hear the music behind the game this season and come to appreciate its part in this game.

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