Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bioshock Soundtrack by Garry Schyman

Bioshock (Soundtrack) by Garry SchymanBeauty and the Big Daddy
Review by Christopher Coleman

One of the most anticipated games of 2007 has been 2KGames' BIOSHOCK. The game has garnered super-high praise from the gaming community due to its immersive environments, engaging storyline, and chillingly creative score. BIOSHOCK along with upcoming games such as LAIR and HEAVENLY SWORD are good examples of what could be called "playable cinema." In order to make a big splash in the gaming-world it's no longer enough to have just a clever game concept (although in the end it remains the most important ingredient). What we are currently witnessing is the line between video-gaming and movie-going becoming thinner by the minute. And at least one good consequence of this media-blending is the increase of feature-film-quality game scores being produced.

Read the full review here (covers the soundtrack + promo release)

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