Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ghost Rider (Soundtrack) by Christopher Young

Ghost Rider (Soundtrack) by Christopher YoungBlazing New Trails
by Cap Stewart

Collisions at intersections are never a pretty sight. Malfunctioning lights, bad weather, driver error—whatever the cause of the accident, the results aren’t pleasant. Passenger cars simply weren’t designed to be bumper cars.

Some might say the same thing about certain musical genres. For example, western and horror elements don’t readily come to mind as being inherently compatible. Neither would a rock band and a gothic choir be considered the best combination.

In the case of the movie GHOST RIDER, however, director Mark Steven Johnson and composer CHRISTOPHER YOUNG thought otherwise. Indeed, the musical approach to the film is quite unique. The combination of western, horror, gothic choir, and rock elements is largely successful—almost good enough to be called a beautiful collision.

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