Thursday, September 13, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Nicholas Hooper

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Nicholas HooperPhoenix Rising
Review by Steve Townsley

(Apologies for spoilers herein, but…the seventh book has broken sales records in stores, already—who am I spoiling here?)

When I learned that Patrick Doyle was succeeding John Williams as composer for the phenomenal HARRY POTTER film-franchise, I was elated and relieved, for I knew that if Williams could not provide music for all the Potter-installments, then Doyle is more than worthy to pick up the wand…er--baton. So, when movie 5 was announced, and NICHOLAS HOOPER was proclaimed the new composer, I, probably like many, had the response, “Who??”

For the months preceding, I anticipated the forthcoming film (and score) very little. Not that I wasn’t intending to enjoy it in due time. I merely let my eagerness wane, so as not to over-exhaust myself with Pottermania to the saturation point. And not that I wasn’t curious as to the as-to-my-ears heretofore unheard NICHOLAS HOOPER turning in what was suspected to be a by-the-numbers derivative score, drawing naturally upon the instantly associative “Hedwig’s Theme”, and perhaps a quotation here and there of other established themes within the franchise.


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