Tuesday, September 04, 2007


More news from the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra...
The orchestra will be performing at this years festival which is reason enough to check the festival out. Also, there will be some interesting premieres like: BLADE RUNNER 25th ANNIVERSARY ULTIMATE DIRECTOR'S CUT (could the title be any longer?), John Woo's EX-MACHINA, TITANIC 10th ANNIVERSARY EVENT, NASA 50TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT...and more...check below for the "more."
You can also check out the JULES VERNE FILM FESTIVAL website and trailer which has some "interesting" music. Interesting as in bits from TYLER BATES' 300, HOWARD SHORE'S LORD OF THE RINGS: FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, JERRY GOLDSMITH'S GHOST AND THE DARKNESS, JOHN BARRY'S OUT OF AFRICA and JOHN WILLIAMS' DUEL OF THE FATES, among others. Just see how many clips you can name! The trailer is some 18 minutes long and by the end of it...you'll want to be there.
This is a truly unique film festival that really should be getting more attention. Check it out!
The famed Paris film festival and film music concerts arrive in Los Angeles with very special seminars, films, events for all ages. 10 days of Adventure, Conservation and Exploration, including special performances by the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra!The Shrine Auditorium Thursday Dec 6 through Sunday Dec 9, The Los Angeles Theatre Thursday Dec 13 through Sunday Dec 16

Movie Premieres: The international documentary film selections will explore the Planet - The James Cameron's Undersea Adventures - 3D movie Premieres - Blade Runner's 25th Anniversary Ultimate Director's Cut Special event - World Premiere of John Ford's "Iron Horse" with live Orchestra & Native American events - Titanic’s 10th Anniversary special event. "Heroes," the Ultimate Event with casts and creators - Star Trek's Classic HD giant screenings - John Woo’s production of Japanese animation "Ex-Machina" - NASA 50th Anniversary Special Event - Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea & props... Gala concert with the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra. And much more! Special guests: Ted Turner - Jean-Michel Cousteau - Kirk Douglas - William Shatner - Leonard Nimoy - Michele Nichols - George Takei - Walter Koenig - John Woo - Walter Hill - Stan Lee - James Cameron and many more...

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