Monday, September 10, 2007

The Lady in the Trailer

It absolutely amazes me. The indelible mark that James Newton Howard's recent work has left upon Hollywood is truly amazing. In particular I refer to his music for the much underappreciated film LADY IN THE WATER. Yes...I speak of the film itself as being underappreciated. James Newton Howard's score has gotten many accolades, including here at Tracksounds.
Now, odds are if have been to your local multiplex in the last few months and you might have noticed something. References to Howard's score for this film are everywhere. Recently, when I went to see STARDUST I was baptized in Howard's LADY IN THE WATER. Prior to the start of the feature film (you know... some 30 minutes prior these days?) there were two film trailers that played back-to-back (THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, THE GOLDEN COMPASS) which featured his score. And his influence doesn't stop there. In STARDUST itself Eshkeri was, at times, clearly influenced by "the Lady" as well. Check out our full review of STARDUST for more about Eshkeri's excellent score.
And there is more. In Steve Jablonsky's D-WAR (DRAGON WARS) James Newton Howard is climbing in, out, and all around that score as well. Look for our review on that D-WAR soon. Like STARDUST, Jablonsky's score has been positively influenced by Howard's work.
Somehow it seems Mr. Howard hit the fantastic-bullseye with his score for LADY IN THE WATER. About a decade ago it was the work of Randy Edelman that seemed to crawl from trailer to trailer. Edelman's work for DRAGONHEART and DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY were everywhere. Looks as though a new Trailer King has been crowned. Next time you see a trailer for a fantasy film in the theater, download one, or catch one on TV, pay close attention as you might catch a audible glimpse of The Lady in the Trailer.

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