Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nike's Leave Nothing Campaign Uses The Last of the Mohicans

Nike's Leave Nothing Campaign

Ok the season of all seasons is here. Of course I refer to FOOTBALL, that's "American football" for all of my non-USA-friends. As I get ready to feast on my first few games of the year, I happen to see Nike's new commercial for their LEAVE NOTHING campaign.

It's a great commercial with some interesting editing and CG work. It's reported that Michael Mann directed the spot. Interestingly, the ad above utilizes Trevor Jones' memorable music from THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - still one of the best selling soundtracks of all time.

Far be it from me to miss a chance to post something that combines football and film music!

Look for the ad wherever the NFL is being televised.

But you can also view it here. (click on "see more action" and you will)

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