Wednesday, October 17, 2007

(Updated) Full Track from Jesper Kyd's ASSASSIN'S CREED

Assassin's Creed by Jesper Kyd
Greg O'Connor-Read over at Topdollar PR, Jesper Kyd and Ubisoft were cool enough to make this full track, from the upcoming game ASSASSIN'S CREED, available for our listening pleasure! From the sound of things there's going to be more than some great gameplay here. The musical experience is going to be something to savor.

Jesper Kyd recorded over 3 hours of music for the game, but no official soundtrack has been announced yet. Keep your daggers crossed! Also, I hope to have an interview with JESPER KYD posted soon. Keep checking in.

Below you can feast your ears on the track "CITY OF JERUSALEM."

So what do you think of it and what your expectations of the game and the full score?


  1. awesome mahn!!!!!
    jus tell me where to download it!!
    or give me some download link please!!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the track. Unfortunately, there isn't a download option at this time; however, stay tuned for more potential info on an official soundtrack release!


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