Sunday, October 07, 2007

Medal of Honor: Airborne by Michael Giacchino

Medal of Honor: Airborne (Soundtarck) by Michael Giacchino
After the success of Infiniti Ward's CALL OF DUTY 2 and 3 for the XBOX 360, the hope and expectations placed on EA's MEDAL OF HONOR: AIRBORNE were high. AIRBORNE would be EA's first WWII shooter release for the a next-gen console and with the increased processing speeds, storage capacity, an even more immersive gaming experience was the expectation of gamers. While there was little worry that composer Michael Giacchino would deliver, it turns out the game itself was not as well received as EA would have hoped - especially from the PC community. For whatever bugs the game might have, it has to be admitted that parachuting into a war zone is quite a different experience than any other WWII shooter has provided until now - thus hopefully providing some virgin territory for the Giacchino to jump into. So we endured a pretty big build-up for the game, then somewhat of a let down, but what of the score?

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