Thursday, October 25, 2007

New I AM LEGEND trailer

I Am Legend High Def Trailer
A new, much more interesting trailer for Will Smith's upcoming flick, I AM LEGEND was recently released. It offers quite a bit more than the first teaser trailer. I actually am intrigued by this film now. A major departure from the book seems to be that the "ghoulies" are not necessarily vampires. I, for one, don't mind this departure one "bloody" bit. I'd be quite content to see the vampire-genre bathed in perpetual light - ie. I'm quite sick of them and wouldn't mind if another one was ever made again..but as long as audiences keep emptying their pockets to watch them...they'll keep coming. Personal kudos to the filmmakers for showing a little creativity.

Anyway, I AM LEGEND appears as if it wants to give some rationale (an infection) behind the exisitence of Robert Neville's (Will Smith) ghoulie friends. I guess I can go with that. The big thing is...I love German Shepherd's so...that there dog better survive!...but I have a bad feeling.

Anyway, check out the trailer - I haven't identified the music used in it, but the climactic piece bares resemblence to Clint Mansell's oft-used trailer piece. The original score is to be provided by JAMES NEWTON HOWARD, so there good reason for hope in that regard. Perhaps you recognize it. Feel free to enlighten us with your comment.

Check out the trailer at the film's Myspace page.

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