Wednesday, October 24, 2007

(Updated) New project from Jeff Rona - SHARKWATER

Sharkwater (Soundtrack) by Jeff Rona
It's nice to be able to post about a new project from JEFF RONA. It's been quite a while. Jeff Rona returns to the water (most recall his great score for WHITE SQUALL from way back in 1996) with his score for this highly-praised eco-centric documentary.
The official website has all the info you'll need about the film including 23 streaming tracks of JEFF RONA'S score. If you're in need a quick chill-out break...I recommend you check out the site. Below is JEFF RONA's official press release. The soundtrack is said to be readily available on iTunes, Amazon's MP3 store (available by Nov. 8) and other online retailers.

For Immediate Release (edited)

On November 2, "Sharkwater", a poetic and moving feature documentary film by Canadian director Rob Stewart, with a score by composer Jeff Rona, will be released. The film has already won over a dozen prestigious international awards and has been featured in countless magazine and newspaper articles as well as national TV coverage. It has received accolades around the world and will be in theaters throughout the US. It will also be released in Europe in early spring 2008.

The award-winning score for Sharkwater features singers Azam Ali, Louise Fraser and Lisbeth Scott. It is available through iTunes, Amazon mp3 and all download stores.


  1. Samuel Goldwyn Films is not releasing this movie. Can you let me know where you received this press release from?

    Samuel Goldwyn Films

  2. From the composer himself...or at least someone in his offices.

    Happy to confirm and correct as needed.


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