Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wall-E is Coming

Wall-e Trailer
A few days ago the theatrical trailer for Disney/Pixar's next animated feature was released. In June 2008, we will get to meet Wall-E. Turns out "the last machine on not alone."

Maybe I'm getting my upcoming flix mixed. Anyway, the trailer features some beautiful visuals, so I recommend you download it in as high res as your computer will go. (really ticks me off that Disney is Blu-Ray only, so now high def Wall-E...or Ratatouille...or Incredibles for me.) The trailer features interesting use of Michael Kamen's wonderful samba theme from BRAZIL. I would have never paired these together, but it works pretty well.

Since Wall-E is written and directed by ANDREW STANTON (A Bugs Life, Finding Nemo), would seem a good be that THOMAS NEWMAN ends up doing this one (so says the IMDB anyway).

For now...enjoy the trailer!

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