Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beowulf: The Movie and The Music: First Impressions

Beowulf: The Movie NO SPOILERS!

I don't normally post about movie-going experiences, but having just returned from an early showing of Robert Zemeckis' latest 3-D, animated venture, BEOWULF, I feel its a special occasion. What put this occasion over the top was the fact that this presentation of the film was in digital 3-D. Now, the last time I saw a film in 3-D was when the glasses were made of paper, one lense blue and one red. I was in for a treat with the strides that have been made in the realm of 3-D projection.
It took a few minutes for my eyes and head to adjust to not trying to watch the film in a 2-D fashion. Finally getting my eyes to relax and just watch was actually something I had train myself to do. After 15 minutes, I was fully acclimated to this new environment.
Let me just say this about the film. If you have the opportunity to see it in 3-D...DO SO! About half way through I thought just how much the 3-D aspect added to the film. Hard to fathom it without it now. Still, if you don't see it in 3-D, I'm guessing you'll still enjoy the flick. BEOWULF is some kinda ride!
What is deceptive is the fact that it is animated. Don't be fooled! Zemeckis has made an adult film here. On more than one occasion, I found myself reacting, "I can't believe Zemeckis went there." This ain't no POLAR EXPRESS. There is on Disney-sanitization going on in these pixels.
Now, having heard the ALAN SILVESTRI's score just prior to seeing the movie, I have to admit...I was slightly (only slightly now) underwhelmed. As you might expect, having seen the film, my appreciation level has risen. Silvestri's score works very well in the film and will undoubtedly be enjoyed to a greater degree by those who watch it.
It's early days yet, but the 46 minutes of score on the soundtrack seem to capture the key moments...certainly the key themes, but further listens may change my thoughts there. The track order has definitely been arranged to provide the best listening experience as opposed to chronological order.
BEOWULF, the 3-D film, is the most fun I have had at the movies in quite some time. A visual feast, matched by a decent screenplay, good voice acting, and lifted by Silvestri's score. One last thing is that I have a permanent keepsake of the whole experience - one that I will dawn to work and see what sort of fashion statement it makes.
Look for my full review in the upcoming days...In the meantime, go see BEOWULF.

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