Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beowulf (Soundtrack) by Alan Silvestri Reviewed with 3 Soundclips

Beowulf (Soundtrack) by Alan Silvestri
I Have Come to Score Your Movie!
review by Christopher Coleman

"They have a movie here...
They say... your movie is cursed...
I am Silvestri ... I will score your movie."

Being anonymously written somewhere around the 8th century, the poetic tale of the hero, BEOWULF, has long been a part of western thought and consciousness. It has been analyzed and written about by countless scholars and made into a handful of films. The latest effort to transport the beloved poem into the present is director Robert Zemeckis' fully, computer-generated version. The choice to go "CG" has been met with varying degrees of acceptance, some saying that the use of computer graphics has cursed the film. In the light of successful marriages between traditional photography and photorealistic CG work in recent years, it is viable to question the directors choice. What might the cost be, if any, for succumbing to the seduction of CG?

Regardless of where you might land on this issue, one Zemeckis choice that has gone unquestioned was calling upon his long time collaborator, ALAN SILVESTRI. The two have had successful and memorable collaborations on projects such as: the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy, FORREST GUMP, CONTACT, and most recently THE POLAR EXPRESS (Zemeckis' first all CG film). Once gain Silvestri has arrived to score Zemeckis' movie.

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