Sunday, November 25, 2007

Free and Legal! The Best Film, TV and Game Music Online

Free and Legal:  The Best Film, TV, and Game Music Online
Christmas approaches. You can't afford to spend a dime on yourself. You've been listening to the 300, Braveheart and Last of the Mohicans soundtracks long enough!
Tracksounds brings you some relief in our new feature: FREE AND LEGAL! Here we list some of the webs best sites for free and legal music. Download full tracks! Download clips! Stream until you can't stream no more!
Here's a bit of an introduction:
Downloading music on the internet is almost as common as breathing these days. If you have a computer that has a broadband connection to the internet, then you've likely downloaded, at the very least, a sound clip or two. More likely, you've downloaded full tracks or entire albums already. Services such as eMusic, iTunes, Yahoo Music, and more recently, have all made it easy to get the music you want and at more affordable prices. As we know, downloading music has cast the industry into a new era where the lines of ownership, fair-use, and profitability have been put into question...
Here you will find a list of sites that offer music in a variety of ways: sound clips to streaming tracks to fully downloadable and free tracks! You will likely find some great music out there that you could not buy, even if you wanted to. You may discover a new talent that might lead you to buying other music from the composer. You will inevitably find some new treasure to bring hours of entertainment to your ears. . . and all for free!

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