Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wanted Trailer and Site Up

The new trailer and movie site for the upcoming film WANTED has recently gone live. I have to admit the trailer has done its job well. I'm intrigued. Good cast and hopefully the film goes beyond a Matrixie/Shoot 'Em Uppie sort of mish-mash. My mind has already layered Neo over James McAvoy, Trinity of Angelina Jolie, and Morpheus over Morgan Freeman, but perhaps unfairly.
Once again - I don't immediately recognize the music in the trailer, although it has a E.S. Posthumus or Globus vibe to it. The IMDB does NOT list any composer...and that worries me (compilation soundtrack time?) It's early perhaps a composer has yet to be hired.
Who do you think would make a good fit to score this film?

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