Monday, December 10, 2007

Listen to Music from Crysis by Inon Zur

Crysis Trailer Music by Inon Zur

A little bit of game music and game music new for you today...

First off, have a listen to INON ZUR's trailer music for the hit game CRYSIS. If you didn't buy the collectors edition of the game, then you've likely been waiting to hear about a possible soundtrack release for the non-collectors out there. Well, good news! The official soundtrack from CRYSIS will be released by Sumthing Else in January or February of 2008.

And more game soundtrack release news...Jesper Kyd's score for ASSASSIN'S CREED is slated for release to coincide with the PC release of the game in March 2008.

For now...enjoy the tracks here (right column and scroll down)

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