Saturday, December 08, 2007

Speed Racer Trailer

Speed Racer Trailer

Well, here he comes. You probably have known for sometime that the Wachowski Brothers were re-imagining this popular 70s cartoon. Look - Speed Racer was a childhood hero of mine and so when it was first announced that The Wachowski Brothers were making of movie out of it, I was torn. I thought it was inevitable. Someone would remake it and so I had some hope that the Wachowski's would do the original justice. On the other hand, that is one of those iconic shows that I just wish Hollywood would keep there grubs off of.

So - the first trailer is out now. As I'm still getting over the casting announced months ago, I now have to up my meds after watching the trailer. Aside from Matthew Fox's impression of the "coolest race car driver ever," Racer X - I'm not so thrilled with what the trailer contains. Oh yes. At least they threw in one or two actual Asians - Hiroyuki Sanada? Nice!

The trailer music is certainly nothing most score-folk are going to flip over - that housie-trancie-electronica and the hyper-real visuals make it seem as though The W's wanted this to go straight to HD DVD or something. Then there's that "new" car for Speed found later in the trailer. Since there is a "6" on the side of it... well, let's hope for the best for ye old Mach 5.

It's early yet folks, but my hopes are fading fast...

You can check the trailer here

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