Monday, December 31, 2007

Top Stuff from 2007

Top Stuff from 2007 - #10
"2007 sucked."

You and I both have likely heard that quite a few times recently. Beyond referencing their own personal challenges faced during the last year, some have also been eluding to the year in entertainment. Granted, the year hasn't ended on not the nicest of notes with the writers strike and a sub-par-holiday-movie season, but 2007 certainly wasn't all bad.

Was there actually anything really good in 2007? Of course there just have to think for a second or two. Nothing coming to mind? Ok...I'm here to help. Over the next few days, I'm going to post my list of 2007 Goodness. One note for you - this list isn't all music-specific, but good stuff pertaining to movies, tv, games and music.

So to get you started here is number 10...

Viral Marketing for CLOVERFIELD

During the disappointing Summer of 2007, some life was injected into our "expectators" (our internal organ which allows us to get psyched for some upcoming flick, game, or new technological revolution). I'm not quite sure where the expectator is located, but I've heard it's near the pancreas.... Anyway, many people's expectators got to working as an unnamed trailer was released, followed by stills and an obscure site:

Speculation has run rampant since July but most of us know now that these tidbits turned out to be some clever viral marketing for J J Abrams latest flick, CLOVERFIELD. The site appeared to be more viral goodness, but was actually a game, which turned out to be ALPHA OMEGA, an rpg video game set to release the same day, 01/18/08, as CLOVERFIELD. Ah well.

Still, all of the official viral stuff was enough to get me excited at the possibilities for this film. No word on who is scoring the picture yet. The safe bet would seem to be on Michael Giacchino, but how cool would it be if Abrams got really innovative and had no score at all? Wait...what am I saying????

Check back soon for the #9 top stuff of 2007

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