Monday, January 21, 2008

1-21-08 / Cloverfield 3 Days Later

Ok...I wasn't in CLOVERFIELD, but it sure felt that way...

1-18-08 certainly became a pretty famous date last year. We all knew something was coming...and whatever it was, it was going to be winning.

I was happy to see that I wasn't the only one that 1-18-08 would actually happen on 1-21-08 for. 1-21-08 almost didn't happen for me either, but a fired-up email from Cap was the final straw. I had to make sure I saw CLOVERFIELD tonight one way or another.

And now I have...and...

And, well, I still look like those guys up there. I did pretty good in not getting spoiled so this was, even 3-days-late, still a fresh ride for me. The film wasn't perfect (I got really bored at that party) and the whole "quest" of the film was just a bit beyond my ability to suspend disbelief. But that being said, CLOVERFIELD, just isn't about such details. It is about taking a wild ride for 90 minutes or so. It's about seeing how many times one movie can make you say "Dizzam!" outloud. It's about, for some of us, seeing if a movie without a score, can really be enjoyable.

Suffice it to say that this film is likely to be one the few, if not the only, movie with no score that get's any coverage at this site. But CLOVERFIELD warrants it. Scores help us connect to the emotions of a film or tv-show or game, but a film like this would be hindered by a musical score. So this is the first (and probably only) sans-soundtrack-experience post I'll ever make.

No there's no score to buy for CLOVERFIELD, but it is certainly one ticket you should buy. Watching it on your home theater (no matter how great you think yours might be) won't do it justice.
Once in a while a movie comes out that will clearly shake up Hollywood a little. I can see CLOVERFIELD doing a few things:
1) Launching a barrage of copy-cat-docu-monster-flicks
2) Changing the way studios look at January in terms of releasing big-time movies.
3) Being the first of a new movie franchise (there's plenty of directions to go from the end of this film)
If you haven't seen it yet, it's too late for you to make it "1-21-08." I suggest you make it "1-22-08" and no later.

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  1. I know many will think I’ve lost my cognitive abilities for saying this, but I believe “Cloverfield” is the best movie of the year (and I don’t mean “so far this year”). Yes, that’s how much I was blown away by the experience. And unlike a lot of people, I found the first twenty minutes (at the party, before the monster attacked) to be completely engaging. I was getting to know the characters and it was an enjoyable time. JJ Abrams has done me in. I don’t see how any other film this year will be able to elicit anything close to my emotional response to “Cloverfield.”


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