Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 Music Preview - New Special Feature!

2008 Music Preview at Tracksounds

For those wondering why the TOP STUFF FROM 2007 countdown has slowed down, well, this is why! I've just posted our latest special feature and it's a doozy - at least in terms of the amount of work!
Tracksounds with Varese Sarabande present this special preview of this year of soundtracks. Go through this month by month breakdown of the major film and game soundtracks (and some not-so-major) and get a glimpse at what you will want to make sure you see, play, and listen to in 2008.
The feature will cover the entire year of 2008 and to get us started we've posted quarters 1 and 2. (That's January - June.) So head on over and get yourself prepared for the rest of 2008!

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