Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Highlander: The Source by George Kallis

Today is certainly "official press release day." Here's one you might have missed. Composer George Kallis' score for HIGHLANDER: THE SOURCE has recently become available. (And I didn't even know there was another HIGHLANDER chapter.) The score is being released by MOTION PICTURE RECORDS the official site has a few sound clips available. Might be worth a second or two of your time to give it quick check. Below is the official press release:


The CD of "Highlander 'The Source' -The Original Score-" is now available. It's an exciting modern large orchestral film score composed by George Kallis for 'The Source'; the 5th film in the Highlander dynasty which will be released internationally on DVD in January and February.

The CD also included the End Title song 'The Sun is Gonna Shine' performed by John Sloman (ex Uriah Heep) and Tamasin Hardy with lyrics by John, music by George and orchestrated and performed by Chris Cawte of The Gutter Brothers.

For more information and to listen to a selection of soundbites, please go to http://www.motionpicturerecords.com where you will also find a link to the iTunes download page.

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